Link Love – Houston, we are not alone.

This week, I kept finding myself sinking deeper and deeper into the Library Blog world – specifically from UX (user experience) and Design-centric Librarians. Just another reminder how small the Library world really is and that, if you look hard enough, people with the same passions as you are everywhere.

Some pretty darn awesome blogs and posts:

About Visual Design:

Library Grand [Re-]Opening Invitation & Program

By: Library Graphic Design   |
I’ve been following this blog since I first started working at PALNI. This guy’s work is inspiring and I’m flabbergasted at the amount of high quality projects he turns out!

Libraries, Typography and Reader Mood

Possibly my favorite at the moment! This guy focuses not just on usability, but has his eye on good, visual design. This particular post is about the value of good typography and it’s impact of the user’s mood.

Typefaces as an Identity

By: Matthew Reidsma   |
A fan of his whole blog, this article stuck out to me because he really does a great job showing you how typography speaks louder than the words they style.

About Library Design Future:

Return of the Coffeehouse: How to turn your library into an ideas factory

By: Hugh Rundle   |
This post may be from last year but it’s still as true today as it was a year ago. I was drawn to this particular article because he DOESN’T use other libraries as examples but pulls from outside fields and the corporate world. He basis the article on Steven Johnson’s book,  Where good ideas come from: the natural history of innovation which has now been added to my Christmas break reading list.


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