Would you Misspell Your Own Name to be Trendy?

The Brooklyn Public Library just revealed their new logo which contains an intential misspelling of their own name:

From Brooklyn to Bklyn

Business Insider- http://static6.businessinsider.com/image/50f6b79ceab8eac871000016-574-260/bklyn_public_library_logo.gif

I have yet to find any commentary from the library as to what instigated such a bold move except their new Strategic Plan focusing on getting out to the community and public with renewed energy. The public is divided about the new logo- some loving the edgy look while others feel the logo is misrepresenting a crucial priority of the library – literacy.

However, there might be more to the “new name” than just an abbreviation. By adding in just the “O”s you’ll see a play on words forming”

Brooklyn = Booklyn = Bklyn

This made me wonder what PALNI’s library names would look like abbreviated:

  • Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary = Anbptst Mnt Bblcl Smnry 
  • Ancilla College Library = Nclla Clg Lbry, Ncilla Library
  • Nicholson Library = Nchlsn Library (not bad!) or NicLib
  • Butler University Libraries = Btlr Univ Libs
  • Christian Theological Seminary = Chrstn Thlgcl Seminary, Chrstn TheoSem
  • Walther Library = Wlthr Library
  • DePauw University Libraries = DPw Univ Libs, DP UniLibs
  • Earlham College Libraries = Rlhm Clg Library
  • Hamilton Library = Hmltn Library, Hmltn Lbry
  • Goshen College Library = Gshn Clg Library
  • Morgan Library = Mrgn Library, Mrgn Lbry (not terrible)
  • Duggan Library = Dggn Library, Dggn Lbry
  • RichLyn Library = RchLn Library, RchLn Lbry (not bad)
  • Mother Teresa Hackelmeier Memorial Library = (oh boy…) Mthr Trsa Hcklmr Memorial Library
  • Funderburg Library = Fndrbrg Library (still readable!)
  • Barger-Richardson Resource Learning Center = Brgr-Rchrdsn Resource Learning Center
  • Robinson Memorial Library = Rbnsn Memorial Library
  • Zondervan Library = Zndrvn Library
  • Saint Meinrad Library = Snt Mnrd Library
  • University of Indianapolis Library = Univ of Indy Library (Indianapolis is commonly abbreviated so this might work out well)
  • The Link = Not even going to attempt this one.
  • University of Saint Francis Library = Univ of StFrncs Library
  • Wabash College Library = Wbsh Clg Library

I feel as if you need just the right amount of vowel to consonant ratio to make the abbreviation idea work as well as a VERY recognizable name to begin with. None of the abbreviations above would be recommended to replace the name of our libraries, IMHO. 🙂

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