The Machine is Us/ing Us – Cool Video from Michael Wesch

Yell, scream, kick… I know, I know…

Megan, you haven’t updated this site in over a week and I was dying of Design4Libraries cravings! 

Thing is, I’ve been up tackling code the past week (not my strongest suit) and started this awesome “E-Learning & Digital Cultures” class via Coursera. Some day I will write a post an ode to the glorious Coursera  and it’s professional development opportunities, but not today.

Get on with it, lady!

Ok, ok, in said course, we watched this really well produced video by Michael Wesch, Assistant Professor of Cultural Anthropology at Kansas State. His topic is centered on the history of the internet and how WE are shaping the connections and organization. Not only is the message interesting, the DESIGN of the video inspired me. He really boiled the getting the message across in the simplest way possible. For a girl who loves kinetic typography (example here about the creator of the greatest typeface in the world, Helvetica), this similar production technique was intriguing.


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