[Aesthetic VS Functional Changes] and Dealing with Co-workers

Fantastic article on how to balance aesthetic changes with functional changes when you the only one championing for seemingly minute visual adjustments. Try swapping out the word, “product” with the words “Discovery Layer” or “Library Website” and see if it resonates with your situation. Are you the one campaigning to move the button 3px to the left or the co-worker who is annoyed with the visual person and just wanted the dang thing to work?

Article Snapshot:

Why you should move that button 3px to the left


When a product is close to launch, I become a perfectionist. Each misaligned element or awkward interaction is like a thorn in my side. There’ll be a dozen tiny implementation mistakes that taunt me each time I run into them. Everything seems so broken.

But to everyone else on the team, the product seems fine! It’s functional. They ask, “Will moving that button by 3 pixels really improve our product?” They argue, “The last time we fixed a small design bug, the product didn’t feel any different.” And so the team moves onto the next big idea and the next set of features.

If you’re anything like me, this situation can be incredibly frustrating. As designers, we are held responsible for the overall quality of the experience. Yet we’re at the mercy of our teams. We can design beautiful, intricate, delightful details — but we can’t build, test, and deploy them all.

How do we convince our engineering and product counterparts to care about design fit and finish? I’ve struggled with this issue many times. Here’s what I’ve learned.

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