Library Marketing Guru, Ned Potter, Nails It (Again)

Libraries and Mayo = same thing

Okay, so it’s a stretch but Ned Potter describes how marketing libraries is very similar to marketing other products completely unrelated to libraries and why you have Hellman’s in your fridge.

A short but insightful read by one of my favorite writers in the library world:

Provided by HatM via Flickr

Provided by HatM via Flickr

Marketing Libraries Is like Marketing Mayonnaise

Ned Potter- Library Journal

If you make one small change to the wayyou contextualise your marketing efforts, it can yield big results. It’s subtle but important, and here’s how to go about it.

Marketing libraries is a tough business, for all kinds of reasons. Lack of time, lack of funds, lack of other resources. The fact that public perception of what libraries actually do is about 15 years behind the reality in a lot of cases. But also the fact that there’s often a fundamental misunderstanding about what marketing should actually achieve.

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