100s of Things to Do with Old Books

As libraries begin to plan a space redesign many *usually* have a tiny budget and lots of old books they just got done painfully weeding. So why not put those books to good use?! The “A Media Specialist’s Guide to the Internet” provides a curated list of clever ways to resuse old books – from furniture to decor you could teach a class on.

Hundreds of Things to Do With Old Books

By: Julie Greller –¬†http://mediaspecialistsguide.blogspot.com/

When you are in the midst of weeding hundreds of books, the task of what to do with them is always in the back of your mind. Are they torn apart and placed in the recycle bin? Do you donate them to the local public library? Can you have your own book sale to raise a few dollars for the school media center? Well, not all the books you are getting rid of could be considered up-to-date and I’m sure you wouldn’t want a student using that information for a paper. So….as opposed to trashing some of them, here’s a list of resources which have some great ideas how to reuse those old books.

9 Cool Things to Do With Old Books into Something Cool

10 Creative Ways to Recycle Old Ways

15 Creative DIY Projects Featuring Old Recycled Books

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