Five Techniques For Moderating Usability Tests by Jeff Sauro

Usability testing is not just for websites – find out what your users are saying about the ease of navigating your library, your marketing efforts, finding resources… if users use something, you can test it!  Jeff Sauro provides some great tips for being an effective facilitator.


Five Techniques For Moderating Usability Tests

It doesn’t matter if it’s your first usability test or your hundredth; there are always things you can improve to make the most of the time with your users.

  1. Avoid using why in a direct, reflexive manner: We of course want to know why users do things on websites and in applications. But when we ask why directly, we risk putting the participant on the defensive.  We attempt to soften the probing why questions by using gentler but more verbose questions:

    • Instead of “Why did you click on that icon?” ask “Can you tell me what about the icon led you to click on it?”

    • Instead of, “Why did you choose number 6?” ask “Can you briefly explain why you chose a 6 when deciding to recommend or not recommend the product to a friend?”

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