“Introducing Library CMS. A Drupal CMS Built For Librarians”

BIG SHOUT OUT to LISNews for bringing this announcement to my attention.

Announcement: http://lisnews.org/introducing_library_cms_a_drupal_cms_built_for_librarians


Demo site - with an adorable kitten. Who doesn't love a good kitten pic?

Demo site – with an adorable kitten. Who doesn’t love a good kitten pic?


Why libraries should be excited:

  1. It’s mobile friendly
  2. It’s a simple, easy-to-use design that follows the standards
  3. Plug and play type of interface – don’t want the calendar? Take it out!
  4. Small library discount – Though, unsure of how big of a discount this truly will be
  5. LISHost has a good reputation and this isn’t their first go at Library websites

The unknowns (and some cons) to consider:

  1. New product means no testimonials… yet. Time will tell.
  2. Price – that’s a chunk of change per year! However, if it really is so easy that anyone can do it without coding knowledge then it could save you a systems person and a lot of grief having to run it yourself. Time is money.
  3. Branding/customizing ability – how many libraries are going to have the exact same design just with a different logo and widgets as you? Does that even matter? Will you have access to the code if you DID want to make customizations and will customer support help with that?
  4. The social media links are all the way down in the footer – academic libraries won’t care as much but for public libraries this may be a problem as far as marketing is concerned.
  5. Slideshow images don’t appear to be linkable to anything – perhaps this can be changed?
  6. A strength and a weakness: It’s simple. REALLY simple. Maybe a little too simple for the larger libraries.



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