Put Your Contact Page on a Text Diet

On the PALNI website, we don’t have a contact form for guests to fill out since we use it heavily for internal purposes. Our “Contacts” page, instead, lists all the key contacts to each of the institutions’ libraries- which continues to be the most accessed page on the site to date.

While the site serves many internal needs, it is still our public face and where the general world learns about us. Having contact information easily findable and accessible is still a need that spans across all libraries.

Old Contact Space:

You can see that the old contact space was pretty text heavy, not super easy to read/digest, and is just boring. The emails weren’t even hyperlinked for ease of use!

With Adobe Illustrator open and icon ideas brainstormed, I set to work.

New Contact Space:

The difference between the designs is pretty significant.

What’s been improved?

  • More avenues to connect with PALNI – Facebook, Youtube, & this blog
  • All links are hyperlinked to the appropriate destinations for increased usability
  • Easily recognized icons:┬áLess (-) text, (+) more visuals, (=) equals faster mental processing time

So, what about YOU? What pages of your site can you knock out some heavy text with icons?

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