This blog is run by the Digital Communications Manager of the Private Academic Library Network of Indiana (PALNI).

Important “lawyer-ish” note: All of my online posts represent me and not my employer.¬†

About PALNI:

The Private Academic Library Network of Indiana is a non-profit organization established in 1992, and provides sophisticated resource-sharing and library automation services to the libraries of its 23 supported institutions. You can read more about PALNI on it’s website: www.palni.org

About the Digital Communications Manager:

“Megan acts on behalf of the PALNI organization under the direction of the Executive Director to identify, optimize, and manage PALNI communication systems. She also¬†assists the Executive Director in the day-to-day business of the organization, including financial matters, vendor relations, and communications.”

Above, is the formal description of what I do within PALNI. While this is an accurate job description, I feel like we’re all friends here – let’s get to know one another, shall we?

Informal Job Title:

“Design Evangelist / Keeper of Website Gerbils / Creativity Junky / The Informer”

Informal Description:

  • I love all things design, especially graphic design.
  • I have a serious colored pencil addiction but markers will do at a point of need.
  • Coffee puts me in a great mood but I’m trying to curb my caffeine dependency.
  • I lost 2 hours of my life once while trying to decide which notebook to get at a Moleskine display.
  • Satire is one of my favorite ways to make a point but isn’t often used due to fear of hurting sensitive people. Thus, light-hearted sarcasm and exaggeration is used instead.
  • My needy, Persian cat dictates way too much of my life.
  • I’m so pale that my skin has blinding capabilities in the sunlight.
  • I graduated with a degree in New Media Communications and have been working in/for libraries for the past 3-4 years.
  • Favorite color is teal.
  • Not a huge fan of long walks on the beach as I get cold easily.
  • Political Beliefs: Seriously…? You really want to discuss that HERE? Fine… I believe we could achieve world peace by handing out free chocolate. End of discussion.
  • I enjoy chatting. Call me, text me, email me – I’m up for a good conversation!

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